Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mood Meter --> A

It is rare that I have a mood meter A during weekdays! And I really enjoyed myself. I had many great laugh! It was just an ordinary day at work. But I had dinner with some of my IA friends! I enjoyed all the nonsense. Most nonsense coming from Ivan.. whats new. haha.

Huijun, me and Rouping.

Ivan (ultimate joker) and Des...

I had so much laugh today. Like I finished all laughter for my weeks in that little 2 hrs. I truely enjoy their companionship. The great joke which made me laugh non-stop --> "Polly put the kettle on... polly put the kettle on.. polly put the kettle on.. " For Seagaters who wish to know, u can msn me for details. HAHAHA!!!!!

It seem to me like today is a NTU MPE day. I saw quite a few of them other than those Seagaters.

First, it was 'drunkard Xiao Xun'. (Hope I get his name right) Rouping spotted this handsome chap and elbowed me saying 'that guy's from NTU'. Soon, I realised I know him as acquaintance. I used to find him unfriendly. Probably, because I once suggest he was drunk while having a lecture. He was actually sun-burnt. But he really really looks like he had some kind of booze before attending lecture. Now, he's friendly, after graduation. Haha.

Second, it was Shujuan. She boarded the train at Yishun with her bf. Haha. Hw coincident. But somehow, we dun seem to hv anything to talk about.

Third, it was a guy named Jay. He's Lihua's Sis's JC friend. A person less than acquaintance I would regard. Someone u recognise in lecture and u know he sort of know who u are. But we just dun know each other. I only know he's pretty vain, from the way he presents himself, takes care of his hair, etc. He looks like gg clubbing. Its a Wed night anyways.

So many NTU peeps in one day. ;p *Happy & contented*

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