Tuesday, November 22, 2005

::: 爱情与面包 :::

Just had an msn conversation with her.
She had intentions to break off with her bf, for a reason: lifestyle.
Its with the 爱情与面包 theory again.
Something has to be done. My blessings to you my dear girl. You'll make a wise choice.

This trigger some thoughts in me.

Humans beings are usually lazy. Almost everyone hopes to enjoy life. But what is your tolerance of laziness? We can't deny the existing fact of the laziness in everyone. But there's always a limit to it. Even if you're doing the most dreaded thing on earth, and you know you have to do it, the easiest way out is to get over and done with. The worst approach is to procrastinate. It reflects so much on your attitude. I'm guilty of such negative attitude too. As such, I'm still a mediocre-ly graded in life, I feel. But I'm striving for the better.

You may not want to achieve the most prestigious title on earth. But you would definitely want to have an above-average life. So easily said, but how easily attaintable?

I'll say its not easy.

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