Tuesday, November 08, 2005

:: Drained ::

I didn't know an interview can kill so much of my brain cells. They all died within a day. Haha. My interview lasted for one hr!

I would grade my performance today a 70%. I tried to say as much things as I can. But my brain seems to have limit to processing speed. I gave unprepared answers. But overall, I did okay.

And back home now, tired and drained. I can't even make it to meet Chan in town. I shall rest my day, for a better day tmr. =)

How I look today...

I used my ettusias Liquid Foundation today. And my face becomes an oil field again. Sigh. Japanese Makeup are always so oily. Grr.. Masking today to clean my face of the oil... *Let hope my phone will ring*

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