Saturday, November 12, 2005

:: Drama Rama ::

This's gonna be a loooooonng post. Yes, I haven't been posting for the past few days. It has been an eventful week, or rather, dramatic. It all starts....

Early in the morning, I receive an email. A meeting at XXX and since boss is outstation at Bankok, me and manager have to attend. The meeting is in the afternoon. I have no single, nor even slightest idea on what is going on. I don't even know what machine or line that went wrong. Or what modifications need to be made. Or who is the person that I'm supposed to meet. I only know its at XXX. XXX is at loyang. XXX is pissed with us. Going to XXX for meeting is = 去送死. The Manager pushed this responsibility away. He asked me to go ALONE. BEST. I have no slightest idea of everything. I reluctantly agreed. Since its not the 1st time I'm thrown to 'death trap'.

Nxt thing up, operational manual for ABC Company. I'm still doing. But I still have quite a few sections unable to complete. First, Electrical drawing. Second, hidden parts, like heater and ultrasonic, which can't be seen and the manager didn't mention a single word. Third, it is almost impossible to dig out the specs for a machine which is done months ago and with such such limited information. I was seriously PISSED. Very very very PISSED.

I ran out of the company. I cried. I decided to quit.

SZ went to chasing the crying me but I also don't understand why she didn't catch up with me when I'm taking a snail-speed lift while she took stairs. Maybe she was slow. (haha!) But she ended up chatting with a technician instead. *faint*

Its tiring to cry.

I tendered my resignation. Boss V doesn't wanna take that letter, acting blur instead and walked away. I placed it on his table.

Boss V later feed me with information on the machine, and the parts and provided me the information he can give. I seriously wonder why he wanted to keep all these? Y can't he share these info with me so that I can help him do the job? Does he always need to make me cry to provde me the information? Anyhow, he's so gentle in his voice. So gentle that made me feel, er, guilty? Made me feel pampered. Grr... I'm so easily moved. Grrr...

I still tender my resignation letter, to Boss W. (I have 2 bosses) But after 45 mins of talking, we come to no conclusion and a supplier is waiting for him, so, he said we'll talk later. But, he was discussing with the supplier till lunch time. And afetr lunch, he was gone to other meetings. -_-'''
He called later. He told SZ to persuade me to stay. -_-''' There's no conclusion. At the same time, Boss V was treating me like a princess. I got all the information I need!!! It makes my job more possible. He was lile asking for the sky, but now, he's been such helpful to me.
Conclusion-less. Even till at night when SZ called. I still can't decide. I can't.

The decision will be:- SZ will inform boss that she've successfully convinced me to stay. But deep down, I'll do my intensive job search. I managed to do my operational manual for ABC Company. I'm 95% done. =)

SZ's top on Friday!

SZ has this new piece of top! And I love it very much!!! Its FLOWER PRINT. Soo yi got it for her at thailand. Its so nice!!!

I meet up with Shirleen and Xiaowei, my sec1 & 2 classmates. Dinner at N.Y.D.C. I ate a lot. A hawaiian bake rice. Later, I complete my meal with a tiramisu mudpie. I'm super full. Super full.

And I got my 1st birthday pressie for my 23rd birthday! $20 Robinson's Voucher and a lovely cute card. Thanks girls, if u r reading this that is. It kinda surprised me. Cause its long we send birthday gift. Thank you so much!!

Christmas's on the way. See how nice the overhead bridge from Citylink to Suntec and be decorated to this nice scene.

Its how sad I'm not going out today. I didn't even go blading. I know I'm gonna miss it next week too. Next Saturday's my day! Its 19 Nov next saturday! The day I'll turn 23. =)


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Sherline said...

Wah! Got birthday present liao hor? Happy right??? heehee... hope u quick quick find a job lah. muz wish me find job soon also k? wahaha...