Thursday, December 29, 2005

Back on a dinner meet with PL. Its the usual dining place - Pastamania.

Topics with her was as usual. Nice dinner. :) Hope she doing well.

Was browsing to find a suitable face moisturiser when I was reminded about something I do not wish to be reminded.

Facts to note.

Yes. I do have slightly more interest in skincare and makeup, comparatively to some. But I'm not obsessed with it. I'm just slightly concerned 'coz I have lousy skin which needed more care and stuff to conceal.

Yes. I've got a job which I can't wear makeup to work. But I'm totally NOT sore about it. In fact, I welcome it. My skin will be in an environment free from any disturbance. The particles in cleanroom is less than 100 in one cubic meter. Particles refer to nano-sized particles. And I don't see the point of rubbing into it when I'm already mis-judged. Do I need to repeat that I'm NOT sore about it?

Yes. I love to browse skincare and makeup. But does that conclude that I buy them a lot? Pls do not assume I do. The fact is I don't. And don't assume that I spend few hundreds a month on them. The truth is I don't. I have too much debts to settle every month than to spend my money on them. I buy what I need and what is worth my pocket. And I do my share of 'research' before I make purchases.

Yes. I seldom buy clothes. Thats be'coz I have difficulty finding clothes that fit me. Thats why I said its good to have a good bod to be able to try clothes freely. Maybe this sounds offending, but I'm refer to myself. I fall short of all the qualities of a good-enough bod

I hate to be misunderstood, or mis-judged.

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