Sunday, January 01, 2006

A look back on 2005

I wouldn't say 2005 is a lousy year, but things didn't go that smooth either. But I would say, its a year of effort effort and more effort.


January - February
- The year began with one aim - to graduate. Having so many subjects to shoulder is really a torture, especially my peers are all having 4 subjects and I have like 8? Serves me right I know. But it was my resolution, to graduate. I started the year, attending lessons religiously, trying to clear all assignments and stuff as early as possible. A new-found lecture companion cum assignment partner, Nigel, encouraged me to attend lessons which I don't have familiar friends. Thanks Nigel. I enjoyed the last IHG season while I'm still in NTU. I still remember scenes of Track Finals and Vball (M) Finals. My good buddies were away for IA. Their absence made the memories incomplete. But I've less pple to mingle with in hall, which makes me more focused in studies.

- It had been bad for me. I was told by DSI that I need to hand in a FYP report to them in 3 days time. I freaked out. They never gave me any notice about this before, and it just came down to me. Freaked out, but I try. And having it due on Monday, I rushed my report over the weekend, but something happen to me on sunday. I was so busy typing my report, and I decided to take a toilet break. And as I was working to my kitchen, I started to see stars and I mumbled to my mum saying that I feel fainting. I remember holding on to my table by the next moment, I was unconscious. I fainted with total unconsciousness, flat with the back of my head hitting right on my kitchen floor with a loud thud. It shocked my family. The next moment, I find myself on my bed, with lots of medicated oil, and a dent on the back of my head. How scary stress can be. I did a full body check-up, including a blood test. Everything was alright. *Phew* But till today, there's still a dent on the back of my head. I should be glad that I didn't hit a sharp object, else I wouldn't be here typing away. *Scary*

- The month of stress. FYP report due for school submission, assignments due, exams coming. I survived my assignments with the help of my friends. They gave me their answers and Nigel and I just modify it. On one case, we didn't even attempt to modify. My FYP report wasnt that bad as I've complete one for DSI. The one for school was also tough, with the minor details to add in. The few nights w/o sleep in attempt to rush the report till wee hours is unevitable. And luckily, my laptop was here to save me! Else, I doubt my 4-year-old computer could handle the load of my FYP report or I'll be strandled in the library doing my report like many others. Phew.

- One person that made her pressence very meaningful to me will be this girl. She's Peirling. I had this buddy during my IHPT. During exam period, I'm so glad to have her. We had this buddy system. We'll wake up early, meet for breakfast, and study at our own room. As she's staying quite near me at Hall 1 Blk 16, we made this point of meeting up early in the morning like 8am to ensure that I don't oversleep. Then we'll chat over breakfast at Hall 2 and discuss what we'll be studying, target when we meet for lunch later. Back to our room to study and when its lunch time, we'll meet and check on each other's progress. Dinner time will be together too, checking on our progess and what we'll be studying. This is rather effective. She's rather encouraging. And she's very kind in sharing her notes with me, any time, any subject. Her notes were neatly self-written and she shared ever willingly. Though she only had 4 subjects and I have 8, she stayed by me and helped me in whatever she could. She made me feel that man can still be selfless. To repay that kindness of hers, I stayed with her till she finishes her exams which is one week later than mine. I'll always remember her kindness, always. Thanks Peirling!

- Another person to hi-light will be Lihua. Her patience in answering my questions every sem, without fail. Thanks girl!!

- One more.. Nigel. Thanks for all the help! And so tolerant even if I can't help much in the assignments, except stealing solutions from friends. All the support you gave for my heavy load. The supper trips after one good day of studying were great. And a relaxed session of your guitar with Cat's beautiful singing. :) Thanks pal!!

May - June
- Moving back home from hall is the saddest thing to happen. I enjoyed my hall life totally. 15 May 2005 marks my last day of stay in hall. Four years of hostel living ends here. Memories will always be with me.

- Job search is tough, very tough.

- Start of my blog.

- Convocation. Everybody studied for years, only to wait for this day to come. For that few seconds on stage. I had fun, esp with my dear hall buddies here with me. A very happy day.

- Get my first even job! My adventures with SZ starts here. To much to describe!! Too much!!

- My first vehicle accident - 300905. *Scary*

- I got my PR approved!! Long awaiting...

- I resigned from my job.

- I found a new job.

Not much description for July onwards, since most stuff are blogged. Let the pics do the talking! :)

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tornado said...

Wow, a real comprehensive and detailed post you have there. You still remember so well of the things that happened. Even the guitar session. haha.

Well, also thank God for you. Or else I got no more GB kaki to play with. haha.

Now it's my turn to look for job. Got lobangs tell me k? all the best in ur new job! =)