Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Drama on my 1st day of work

I'm by right not supposed to be working today. Last friday, I called HR regarding my medical report. She told me that the report is not out yet and she'll call me once she received it so that I can start work on Monday(which is today). But she didn't call.

Early in the morning, the HR called at 845am to ask me why am I not turning up for work? She ask me if she did call me. I told her she didn't. *faint* And I HAD to rush down immediately! OMG! And I took a cab to work today. $18!!

And 1 more issue, I forgot to bring my bank book! Sigh. If only I weren't in a rush today. But at least I brought my passport size photo. :)

So here's my pass for entry to doors. I can't get around w/o this!

And I was issued a very fitting in-house shoe. I have to wear that everytime I walk around in the plant. And soon, I realised my toe is damn pain. *DAMN* But I can't change a new pair. I think I gotta ask if I can purchase a pair from them. Or to bring it to the cobbler to ask him to 'enlarge' it for me.. *sobz* Poor toe.

My manager whom I'm reporting to 'visit' me today. He came to say hi when I'm in the orientation room. The other newbies were saying that my manager looks nice. I hope he's nice in person. Talked to him during interview, he seems nice to get a long with. But he asked me 'I heard you were late today'. *faint* Being too nervous, I didnt explain to him. Sigh. Nvm. I'll be a gd girl tmr and onwards. :) And oh! SZ, if you're reading this, my manager's name is Vincent. Ring a bell? Haha!!!! Even we are working at different place, we somehow have the 'same boss' to face! Haha!

And we missed the company bus! Coz 4 of us (the newbies today, incl technicians) were lost in the maze of the company! So, I ended up taking 192 to boon lay mrt. But a nice surprise to see Qiwen on board too! Haha! She blur blur took a seat 2 seat away from me, not knowing I'm somewhere near. Haha.

Homed. Tired.

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