Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Totally drained at work. But I definitely still love my work. :) It gave me exceptional sense of satisfaction. Especially on Tues night when we dismantle and assemble to get the results we desire. Work till 0120am on Tuesday. But fulfilling.

Was supposed to work OT on something today. But my computer seems mad and I gave up after 1 hr. Went to meet Gabby for dinner. Simple but nice. Its like 2 highly sleep-deprived zombies walking in JP.

I feel good when I'm back to my normal self when meeting up my friends. The normal, non-childish me. Did I lose myself?

I've to admit that I'm a little confused recently. But its just a minor part of my self-realisation that is working actively recently. I'm still the same old jing xian.


Gab said...

一山还有一山可爱。。 how can u fight cuteness with me wahahahhahah!!
round 1 jx vs gab on cuteness
i win !!
*as i say this i feel like puking*

jing xian said...

cuteness? childish? OOOooPPppS!! :x