Monday, March 13, 2006

A slip of the tongue revealed that I own a blog. When questioned for the address, I just said its a secret which turns it to their mission of the week to find out my blog addie! Haha. Think its just a casual remark. Even if they eventually find this, I've got nothing to hide either. ;p But if any of you, my colleagues, reading this, do leave a remark or something. At least I know, someone is watching! Hahaha!

And this leads me to wonder what impression I left them over the past 3 months. If I were to make a gauge, I would say I behave very different from what I was. I'm quite different from what I behave at work.

Let me describe how I behave now.
- I hop around in the office like a little kid, distubing my grp leader, my master, and next-to-me colleague most of the time, when I have time on my hands that is.
- I behave like a little kid, and I talk like one too.
- I'm noisy and chatty, most of the time.
- I talk nonsense, most of the time.

I'm surprised at my own behaviour too. I was never like this last time.

I was more serious. And I can't tolerate nonsense. I don't speak like a little kid. I don't hop around.

Maybe they way my colleague treat me made me behave this way. I think they all treat me like a little girl. Probably because I'm the youngest among all.


A colleague of mine was going to watch movie alone today. It sudden sparkled a thought in me. I used to be quite independent when I was younger. I could do things alone w/o companionship. But last weekend, when I was so bored, I just couldn't bring myself out of the house. I did thought of going blading alone. But I just couldn't understand why I didn't. Scared? Or is it that loneliness is starting to creep into me when one ages. I hope not.

And I do wish for a getaway weekend or something. And after reading SZ's blog, the urge is greater. But where is the companionship?

I think my weekends are getting more and more lifeless. Its time to do something. And I think my boring weekends make my weekdays dull too!

Where did I lose myself?

Maybe deep-down, I do know where I lose myself. Or maybe I don't.

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