Monday, April 17, 2006

Love and Marriage

Something's about love and marriage these days. My surrounding friends who are single seem to be worried of the deprivation of it. Is it that age is catching up? Or the social trend is pressurising the singles?

I've this colleague who always ask me,"So where's your boyfriend?". Anyway, he is married, or rather most in my colleagues in my dept are married. He obviously knows I'm single. Probably he was saying it out for fun. But he asked that pretty often. And today, he asked,"When are we receiving your Red Invitation?". Well well, is this the hot topic of the season?

I've to agree, with hands and legs up, that having a soul-mate is important. It makes activities more do-able and enjoyable. *My activities are pure good activities! Alright, anyway, my colleagues won't be reading this. They will be the only ones to think that do-able and enjoyable activities refers as something else* It is like going on a short chill out holiday with a friend of same gender? Lovey dovey movie with a friend of same gender? Lazing a cozy afternoon with a friend of same gender? Not that it can't be done. But it is better if its done with a soul-mate.

I've a dozen of great male buddies. Very dependable buddies. But as soul-mates? No No. Feel wasn't there.

I do have some crushes. I do have one particular crush that last the past few years. A very down-to-earth person. Kind at heart. Tall and tanned. Homely. Balanced. Serious when need be. Mischievous at times. Great thinker. Cultured. Sporty. Thrify but not a miser. Generous but not a spendthrift. Filial. Wide knowledge. Good-tempered and well-mannered. Refined, yet 'blendable' with different level of people.

So much said. If only....... Well, it takes 2 hands to clap.

Probably that has set something high for my expectations. Mine isn't that high yet, still far from Chan's sky high! *Haha* It is the feel and comfort you enjoy having that someone around. It has to be someone that you can respect and admire his good qualities that his flaws can be readily accepted without doubts.

Even my mum's on this topic few days back. But her take is.... Take your time... You can really love the person for a lifetime if you're meant for each other, and that you love him enough to accept his flaws, and be totally comfortable with him. There's no point rushing into a relationship for the sake of getting hitched and settled down. When you thought that you have settled down, it may just be the opposite. It could be the start of nightmare of 'unsettling'. You start to tolerate the 'intolerables' and start an unsettled life instead. So why hurry to get hitched in order to settle down? She's speaking from experience.

Take it easy my dear friendsssssssss.... Yes, a lot of friendsssss..... Go with nature. The nature of flowers and bees. :)

But if there's somebody you really like, grab the chance to know more for you might receive lifetime happiness.

Love comes at your least expected.

Works of Nature... Flowers and Bees... :)

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