Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Writ of Summons

Whatever that is. I'll be issued such a letter soon.

Its the vehicle accident thing again.

But rest assure that I'm not as panicky as the last time. Not that I don't worry. But I come to know that even if I panick, it can't help any bit in the situation. To keep pose, and clear and positively minded can definitely solve this more amicably. If it can be solved that is.

Will be taking 1/2 day urgent leave tmr morning to pass the letter to NTUC income. But will rush back to work asap. Hopefully by 10am that is. I do not want to miss out anything on work. Anyways shopping malls don't open that early. I'm too old for playgrounds. So I'll just give myself a good Mac's breakfast before I head to work tmr.

May I be blessed in this case. To free my soul from my mind. Bless me.

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