Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today's the end of my course. Though boring, I'm glad that I do learn quite a lot, a lot more than I first expect. The mood today was good. Relaxed. The 5 of us and the instructor talked quite a bit. From education to politics to country culture to defence force to a lot a lot more. He was like telling me to get a partner of the defence force. A person who can take care of his country can definitely take care of his family. Haha. Well, in fact, I always have this liking for uniformed people, guys and girls. If I have a choice, I would choose to join the defence force too. Army and Air force will be great. But for Navy, nahz.. Haha. But thats just a preference. It takes a lot more other gd personality than just a mere liking for uniformed guys.

My 3 OPI came at my mailbox as expect. 3 new colours, though they are quite similar. And borrowed 4 books from library. I decide to borrow book that are not so well-known and buy those I really want to read. If I'm going at my current pace, I'll be broke by reading books. :)

Back to work tmr.

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