Friday, April 28, 2006

Its another sleepy day today. I didnt sleep early last night. Instead, I chose to paint my nails. I tried one of my 3 new OPI polish. It was so beautiful!! The colour is so pretty and cheerful! Love it! And I decide to use stickers instead of the stamping kit. Stickers are so much easier.

Sleepy day but sad day. Upon hearing that so many colleagues in the company are resigning, its so much of a heart-wrentching day for me. They say its the peak season of resignation, usually the april-may period. It is not that the company is not good. In fact, its quite a good company compared to many. Most of those who resigned are actually those who have already worked in this company for more than 3 years, some even as long as 6 years. And they are mostly either going to change field or going to futher study. Though none of them are from my department, some said there are rumours there's one from my department too. But nobody acknowledged anything of such. Parting is just so sad. But change is the only constant. People look forward to their area of interest, even if it means a more than 1k pay cut. One girl decided to move from engineering to an event coordinator, which will mean pay cut of more than 1k. Passion is the word. If money is not an issue that is. Its just so sad to see them leave.

My National Geographic's title was on The Judas Gospel for May issue. Whats wrong with the world?!? It doesn't help having a Catholic grp leader. He'll ask me why am I reading such books recently? I was like...erm.. I didn't know Da Vinci Code was this sort. And National Geographic is something I subscibe since sec school. Its just that the movie on 'The Da Vinci Code' is coming up in May. So I read the book in advance to avoid disaapointment like not reading Memoirs of the Geisha before the movie. And I guess the National Geographic was on this topic in season with the movie. Its not my problem!! *faint* Having 2 Catholics and a Christian colleagues don't help the situation. The other Christian colleague took a look at my National Geographic and gave me 'that look'. And having not read the article, I wasn't having any idea what a Judas Gospel is. Even if I've finish the Da Vinci Code, I've not much idea of whats a gospel, testament, etc etc. Maybe I now do know a bit. But thats like a bit. I better go read the article fast to know whats going on before weird stares again. Maybe, for a change, I should read something like 'Tang Ki' or '鸡同' which I borrowed from the lib some days back. -_-'''


tornado said...

hmmm.... when one person decides to change jobs even meaning a pay cut.... it shows that he/she is looking for a change.
It may be due to
Passion/new challenges.
Money is not everything when it comes to this point.

Regarding what you read, i personally have no issue over it. As long as you after reading, you can differeniate what's right and what's wrong then it's ok. It's not up to us to judge ppl coz we do not know what their heart is feeling. God is the one who can judge each and everyone of us coz he knows us so well that he knows how many strands of hair you have. =)

To know a person well, it's not by what ppl say but INTERACTING and knowing Him PERSONALLY. Thru personal interaction, you will know His character.

jing xian said...

I've to agree with you. But it takes quite a bit of courage to do so. Especially when age is catching up, and it might not be a field you're familiar/trained in. For me, I guess it'll take a lot of courage to make that decision.

Actually, I think by reading different version of Christianity gives me an idea of how historic passdown may have changed, though it might not. Some historians proposed different theories in opposed of what many Christians believe. As for my views, I think it is more important that His teachings provided many means to right values and positive thinking, which God has successfully done. :)

I was kinda disappointed with myself for being easily 'swayed' to comments of others. Even when in actual fact, I interact with him and know him more personally than I am with other colleagues. Sigh. Bad me..