Sunday, April 30, 2006

The phone I want is priced at $568!! I wanted to get this, but can't as the number I'm using is not under my name. *stomp feet* But as I re-consider and surf Sony Ericsson's webby, I made a comparison btwn W810i, w800i and k750i. They are almost the same in specifications. And I only like W810i's design. Paying an extra of more than $300 more for a design I like? It makes me wonder if its worth it. *stomp feet again*

Went blading yesterday. Its cool to blade alone too! In fact, having earphones plugged, skating and enjoying the sun and occasional breeze is cool! But I'm still not convinced to get my own pair of blades. East Coast is not that near to home. Dragging my pair of blades to ECP and back home doesnt sound like a good idea.

Pls don't rain in the evening! I wanna go joggig!

Resting home today and tmr. Reading. :)

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