Thursday, April 06, 2006

Writ of Summons means I will have to appear in court.

Means it will come in 10 day's time telling me the time and date of court proceedings.

Means I'm more troubled by this issue.

Means I need to face some judge and lawyers.

Means I'm facing shit.

Means I'm wasting on leave this manner.

I'll be telling lies if I were to say that I'm not worried. I'm a born worrier being born in the year if dog. Who wouldn't? If you were me, knowing that you are in this pool of shit, can you still live properly? Happily? Not even normally. I tried to. But I know I failed when I daze while I was at work. I know I failed when I can't continue reading my book. I know I failed when I don't even get excited over things or people I usually do.

I thought I have good control of mind over body. But it was proven otherwise today.

I'm in a mess. A terrible mess.

1 comment:

tornado said...

Dun worry. Everything will turn out ok.

Cast your anxieties onto Him cause He cares for you. =)