Thursday, August 10, 2006

Down with my 'annual miscellaneous illness'. For those who know me, I seldom have flu, cough, fever for no reason. But I have this illness once a year, when all these flu, cough, fever, headache, etc etc, flood my body in one go. And my 'annual' is here. From past experience, it will be a one week affair.

I heard in medical terms, it is not a good sign. It is better to get frequent small illness than having one at a go. Cause you build up anti-bodies in your immune system when u have frequent small illness. For those we seldom fall sick, once you fall sick, you take relatively quite some time to recover. 'Coz your immune system falls to easily recognise the illness and flu + cough + fever etc etc just comes together, making it even harder to recover.

Oh well, by not having dinner but drinking Bubble Tea and maybe munching apple chips later won't help. But oh well... Falling sick can lose some weight. Childish idea I know. But I've no appetite for dinner.

I guess I shall not munch my apple chips. But I'll tug in cozy in bed early.

Thought of the day:
I was listening to my mp3 which I repeated one song --> Prince of Egypt OST - When you Believe. "....There will be miracles when you believe..."

I was taking company bus home. And I counted. 6 churches. :)

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