Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Been 4 weeks... And I still wish...

Exactly 4 weeks. It has been 4 weeks since the day I was told about............. 4 weeks since the sadness overwhelmed me. 4 exact weeks.

The day was started bad enough. But overhearing a conversation made my day so much worse. My eyes gave way to tears. Again. Afterall, I have not get over. How much more tears do I need to shed? How much more pain to endure?

If only God can quantify pain and sadness, tell me how much more before I see light.

I was reading a hall friend, Shuang's blog. Her wish is "To spread joy and happiness". I was reminded of how I was able to spread joy and happiness to my colleagues and friends. But now, who I am? A sulker? Bring me back. Bring me back.

From Shuang's blog,
If you had, at some point of your life, shed a tear and wished that things had been different or wished that you had done something more while you could, that's already a mark in your life that can't be erased no matter what. BUT, the good thing about life is that: IT MOVES ON. Haha. Positive thinking yar. Life moves on no matter you like it or not, and if you don't wan to be left behind and live in the past, you gotta move on too. A new phase of life brings with it a new set of opportunities and a new gateway to happiness..

My current feel
My eyes are tired and dry;
My heart is saddened and dead;
My soul is wretched and spoilt;
My spirit is down and hollow;
I put myself to bed;
But deep inside, I have a wish;
I still wish.. wish that.. I could..

Turn back time...

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