Wednesday, October 11, 2006

8 weeks exactly... I still wish...

Flash back...

Mid-Authum Festival at Chinese Garden.
When we were studying in NTU, we have almost no urge in making a trip down to enjoy the nice lightings. But now that we have graduated, we were all so 'enthu' about it. =) Especially now that we all stay at home, which is a far distance frm Chinese Garden. The theme this yr is 7 wonders of the world. Pretty. =) Enjoyed the companion of my friends.

Colleague's 21st Birthday
As mentioned in the previous post. Here are the pics!

Industial attachment (IA) Buddies Chalet
23/9/2006 - 24/9/2006
I love this chalet! Equipped with 4 bedroom, 5 toilets, one huge kitchen, living room, dining room, and huge BBQ area! Imagine.. 2 King sized and 4 single beds... for the 7 of us who are staying overnight. More than enough! More importantly, we relived the fun we always had, from strangers at Seagate, to slackers taking forever tea breaks at Seagate, to friends struggling hard tog during our final yr, to buddies for years. and more years to come! =)

Btw, I'm off for the weekend on a Sibu Island trip. I'm excited, not really for the fun, but for the idea of taking care 70 people for 2 days!

Giving my technicians a feast on Friday. Its gonna be good, definitely.

May GOD give grace for the days ahead. Journey mercy for the trip and the feast. :D

Wanting to watch a movie very much - World Trade Center. But I dont think my friends will be interested in this kind of movie. But if u all change ur usual watching habits.. let me know.. anytime... Anyone??

As I was reading one of the blogs I frequent (kewpie's), it was her birthday yesterday. It dawned on me that mine is approaching. And when I try to recall what I did last yr, I realised I quit my disgusting job one day before my birthday. And that very night, I was with my colleague, drinking and clubbing past my birthday. But all these 'fun' didnt made such a memorable impression on me. Maybe it did. BUT my dear friend, Chan, made my bday so much in peace and lovely. By squeezing time out of her busy schedule of a relative's wedding, she managed to meet me and bring me to a nice serene place at 70th storey of Swissotel for a tea. How sweet. Though its a mere 2 hr thing, I appeciate every bit. I still remember your supportive of my resignation. Thanks babe! For everything! Hope u r doing well in Belgium!! Come back soon!!! God bless!!

What is, for you, enough to make your day? Mine is simple. :D

Thought of the day:
Exactly 8 weeks ago, I was told, on the cab. 8 week later, on the cab, again.
I have a wish...

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