Saturday, December 02, 2006

Busy Bumble Bee

Been real long since my last entry. Busy and tired. So busy at work preparing customer audit data which made my eyes so tired. Imagine.. I worked through the weekend of my birthday. Yes, I worked on my birthday.

But of course, I did enjoy myself on my birthday. Celebrated my birthday with Chan (for the 5th consecutive year). I was brought to this very romantic place in Kallang - Cozy Bay. Enjoyed myself with the breeze of Kallang river. My pictures did not turn out very nice as I was really very very exhausted after working on Saturday morning on 18th, attended a service, reaching home at 11pm, and a working day on the following day on my bday. Busy busy, busy bumble bee..

Simple, romantic, and sweet! Thanks Chan!! *hugs*

I've got an umbrella from Chan, and Godiva chocolates from her ex-roomie! Thanks!! :D

I've got a birthday card and a bookmark from a significant person. Very touched.

I've got a toy from colleague Emily and a mug from colleague Jensen.

And all those who sent me bday greetings in SMS/MMS! In order, Xingni, Kaihui, Sulih, Zhuo Hao, Ivan, Cindy, Nigel, Jessica, Choon Yan, Annie Ang, Bro, Catherine Foo, Edward, Mei Yan, Wei Qing, Kim Yan, Emily, Yong Wee, Gabby, Hui Yeng, Alvin Tan, Mervyn, and Auntie Sunny. THANKS!

Okay! I've a year older. Officially 24.

Up next, cousin's wedding in Msia last Sat (25/06/2006). Simple I would say.

I think its the programme. I prefer colleague Jensen's wedding more.

Prior to his wedding, I was spending time at my uncle's house watching TV. I think I got addicted to 'The Amazing Race'. After watching 5 episodes in a row, I want more!

Sunday was nice. A better acquainted cousin brought me round hometown. A great foot massage, compliments of my cousin's massage package. A visit to the 1 of the 2 churches in the town. And to a showroom area, consisting of 10 houses, in one of the expanding estate. Secretly took some pictures, you may be interested in their design concepts. Pretty nice!

Life never grant me rest. But I'm still surviving well, with God's grace. :)

With Christmas coming, there are a lot of shopping to do! Went IKEA to get some deco for company's Canteen with some colleagues. Colleagues from HR!

I can proudly say that I love my company colleagues.

During on the conversation with my colleagues, my GL mentioned that he love the company department. Very true! I had a closely-knitted department. A department with members (manager, engineers, technicians) who help one another, support one another, love one another, care for one another. No hard feelings, no evil thoughts, we brave every challenge united in a unanimous heart beat. A very blessed department. Thank GOD.

Rushing off to meet Gabby for SITEX and IKEA Tampines. I need to get some memory storage and remaining deco for company XMAS celeb!! Busy busy, yet again! Whoooop!!

Desperate for a rest. When can I have one?

Thought of the days:
My Birthday wish:
1) ** **** ***
2) Health for my family
3) Wisdom in Financial management
4) Continue growth in the Kingdom of God.
5) Wisdom at work and interpersonal relationship.

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