Monday, December 25, 2006

Blessed Christmas!

I'm glad I managed to wake up this morning!! At least I'm proud that I woke up at 720am on a public holiday. I'm glad I did. I enjoyed my day.

Thanks to all those who thought of me this Christmas! Thanks for the prezzies, the well-wishes, and the many greetings on SMSes and MSN. It has been many years when I was still a teenager, that I receive many Christmas SMSes. This year, suddenly, the influx of festive greetings came through my hp, and mostly from non-believers. (I do not mean to classify believers and non-believers. But I just wonder what Christmas means to each.) In the past, I would reply with similar gesture SMS, probably ending with Blessings ahead. (A phrase I used ever since dunno when, way before I'm a believer.) This year, I replied with 'Blessed Christmas'. So.. BLESSED CHRISTMAS to all!! =)

And apologies for not getting XMAS prezzies! I'm not used to getting prezzies on XMAS unless its pre-arranged gift exchange. And time was pushing me real hard these days. Apologies to all!!

Yakun's Cheezy French Toast taste wonderful!!! I don't go it with Kaya. My kind of food. I finally broke free from Set A: Kaya Toast. I'm now into Set E: Cheezy French Toast!!

My first try at Sizzler. Filling myself too much at Yakun, I could only take 2 serving of salad bar. I definitely waste my $20 on the buffet with only 2 servings of mushroom, fruits, potatoes. I think mine only costs $5 at most. But again, if you nv try, you nv know. Will head back for more when I'm in mood for buffet. =)

Night at the Museum is so much fun! The trailer looks so scary! Which made me sceptical when they wanted to watch. BUT its really really a cute show. ;p

Thanks all for making it a good day! Thank God for being around.

Christmas wishes:
1) ** **** ***
2) Hope that my company gets back to its good business again. No retrenchment or paycut or OT restrictions please.
3) Wisdom in financial management
4) Continuous spiritual growth
5) Health and good quality sleep


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tornado said...

Glad that you had a great time! =)