Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas is different, for me, this yr.

Pictures for my company's Christmas celebration!

We spent hours and hours doing up the deco! This 'red xmas tree' especially. My colleague and I painstakingly did it with all corners angled at 45 degree. We did the first tree with free hand initially. But it turned out as if there is wind blowing from one direction. After a few tries, we gave up and use 'proper measurement'. And finally... *sweats* We also covered all, over 60, light bulbs with coloured transparent paper - something I used to do back in my hostel. I used to cover my hostel bulbs with pink transparent paper, creating a v sweet and romantic feel and keeping those insects off my bulbs. The whole canteen looks so warm with festive feel with all these deco! So proud, but tiring.

And the food... Looks really good, but doesnt taste that fantastic. The commendable ones are the chicken meat and pasta.

And the people behind the scene!

Ended, In satisfaction. =)

I was procrastinating on the idea of going to the Christmas party. I'm a person who gives very much priority to friends and social activity. I'm at a state of being so tired yesterday and the thought of to-go-or-not-to-go came. The deterring factor wasn't that I'm tired. But more of the venue. I'm a Holland Village/Road NERD. I've only been to Holland V once, and that's when my buddy Merv, TC and Chan brought me there in TC's car. I almost chose not to go when I was looking at the street directory and can't find possible means of going. I prayed for an answer of whether I shld go. And I think somehow, I just naturally got onto my company bus, zomebie-ly told the driver to alight me at Holland V. I alighted, gave a call, and 20 mins later, I reached. I even have ample time to help out a little here and there. How easy. It was all God's grace I believe. From the many testimonies shared during conversations with the non-believers, I've come to know more about my peers, about how God provide. Suddenly, I felt that Christianity is so unique. It is not only a religion, its a relationship with God. And not everyone feels it. You'll feel it only in God's timing and will. We can share so much with others, but the individual has to feel it him/herself.

And wow, not forgetting to mention, the host's house is really huge! A mansion. A house so huge, filled with uncountable exquisite items that every step you take is of caution. A swimming pool in the garden, country style dining room (which doesnt look like it is in use with exquisite ornaments all over), and a wine bar of the size of my bedroom. The host's friends were so upper class that you'll probably sure that you can't be anyone like that in your entire life. The upper class. Not for me.

Also, thanks Cat and Nigel for their Christmas prezzie! I'm sure I'll enjoy this book. The Case for Christ (A Journalist's personal investigation of the evidence for Jesus). Thank you!!!

To recuperate my deprivation of sleep, I woke up at 11am.

But I'm going out soon. To meet Chan for a simple dinner to celebrate her birthday, which is tmrw. Its really tough deciding a place to celebrate her birthday. How to find a not-too-crowded place on 24th Dec? -.-'''

Something to share which I took from a website:
"I am sure there is a heaven, and that my Grandpa is there. Here's why:

When I was a boy, my mother gave piano lessons to augment our small income. Our piano was an old upright that was so decrepit that it couldn't be tuned, and had several keys that didn't play at all. We couldn't afford a better one.

My grandfather, whose name was Joseph Weber, came to spend the last few months of his life with us. I don't know what he was suffering from, but he was very ill and couldn't get up from his bed. He would hear Mother talk about how difficult it was to teach on our old piano. Just before he died, he told her that when he got to heaven, the first thing he would do would be to make sure she got a new piano. Mom told him that she had been saving for years, and that all she was able to put aside was $50.00, not nearly enough even then. "Don't worry, Ruthie," he said, " I'll make sure you get one. I'll send it right down from heaven."

A few days after Grandpa died, Mother got a call from someone who was moving out of our small town. It seems that they had a nice grand piano, almost new, and they had seldom used it and did not want to move it. They had heard that she was a piano teacher, and they wanted to know if she would like to purchase it for $50.00.

Only after it was all set up in our living room, and Mom sat down to play it for the first time, did she notice the brand name of the piano, written in big gold letters above the keyboard. It was a little known maker, the only one of that make that I have ever seen. Mother sat motionless, staring, before bursting into tears.

It was a Weber.

So that is how I know that my Grandpa is in heaven. And that is why I returned to God after a long absence."

Thought of the day:
Patience. Let God guides you.

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