Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Blessed New Year

2007 has come! I've yet to formal 'review' on my 2006! Maybe not today, but to summarise, 2006, for me, has been a year of smiles, happiness, yet, clinging onto disappointments, sadness. It has been a year of tremendous growth, spiritual and emotional. The 'UPs' were so high and the 'DOWNs' were so so low.

On service last Sat, P.W. talked about 'Closure for New Beginnings'. It has been quite some time since I last step into the alters. It speaks to me so much that I found myself at the alters. We bring closure to things to our life so that we need not drag the events into 2007. If the 'event' isn't closed or even if you've superficially closed it, there's always something lingers.

Have you have anything in 2006 that you've not brought proper closure to? Can you walk bravely, with an open heart and open mind, into 2007?

I've superficially closed 2006. Something still lingers. But I do hope that soon, I can bring all things in 2006 to a finale closure, and embrace a great 2007.

Blessed New Year!

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tornado said...

Definitely it'll be a blessed 2007 for you! Let God speak into your life! =)