Thursday, December 07, 2006

The movie 'Happy Feet' is really cute! =)

Life has caught me busy.

And I'm glad. I asked God (on Monday) for His Favors and Grace upon my friend who is looking for a job and a decent pay. And 2 days later, she got it, with a decent pay. A job she thought she might not get, afterall, it was quite a reputable company. Thank God. May her journey continue to be this smooth. May God grant her favors among her colleagues and superior at her workplace and bestow on her wisdom she needs in every step she takes.

I grew closer to God. But I drew away from TCC.
I'm not backsliding. I'm sure about that. In fact, I grew stronger everyday with my quest for knowledge in His words.
As what my gd buddy N puts it, the shift will 'sacrifice' some along the way.

Thought of the day:
I need a rest for my body. It is thoroughly drained.
I've successfully killed the evil of anger in my heart 2 yrs ago. I need to stop evil of judging/gossiping. Its tough. Give me strength.

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