Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm tired. Very tired. Physically. and perhaps, emotionally.

Physically drained inside out. Spend my work week busy with Christmas celebration which falls on Wednesday. Almost died. No kidding. My bones feel like shattering apart now. I'm glad that it went well. Thank God! I'm especially proud of the decorations. I think we did a good job at the decorations. :) I'm too busy to even load the pictures. I shall do it tomorrow.

I sudden drown into sadness today. I realized I've yet to recover. And when I fell into sadness, I felt that God left me. It is such a terrible feeling. I realized that I have yet to get over it. I'm just being able to conceal my emotions in such a way that my mood doesn't affect others.

Arrgghh... Come what may.

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