Sunday, December 17, 2006


Peaceful weekend.

Spent my Saturday reading a book! And I finished it in a day, filled with tears. -.-''' I was reading "Falling Leaves" by Adeline Yen Mah. A story of an unwanted Chinese daughter. Coming up next.. a book I bought just yesterday from Life Bookshop: World Religions & Cults. This will be my read for today. A peaceful weekend spent reading. :)

When I was young, the elders always encourage us to read books. But at that age, we're too young to decipher the meaning of books. We were always too engrossed in sch work, social life, examinations to take time out to read. We were unsure of what type of books suit our age. I started reading books when I was final yr in NTU. A book by Mitch Albom. Then I stopped due to tremendous sch commitments. But started early this year in March, with the book, "Rape of Nanking". And afterwhich, many books followed. I myself was surprised by this change in me. But I've to agree that this sudden interest got me excited to read the Word of God - Bible. If I've not got an interest in reading, I might not be bothered to start reading on it.

And with the interest in reading, I got myself hooked in almost all kinds of books. Most books attract me in one way or another, except self-helps. The famous self-helps, Why men cry and women lie, has been there on my book shelve, and I've read less than 5 pages of it. I rarely buy self-helps. I need books that 'touch' my heart.

And if you ask me what I regret not doing over the years, I would tell you is my lack of reading. I do have plenty of time during my years in NTU. But I didnt use them properly. If I've not remembered wrongly, my time was spend on instant messengers, durng that time was ICQ and followed by MSN later. I could have devoted time to reading.

But again, God has His plans for everything. He 'installed' the interest in reading for me to get closer to Him at an appropriate time. Thank God.

Off to reading my new book...

Thought of the day:
Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son, Issac, his most prized item, for God. God use it as a test of his loyalty. Eventually, God gave him a ram as a sacrifice when Abraham was about to sacrifice his son.
What was your most prized item? Would you be ready to sacrifice your earthly items?

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