Sunday, April 15, 2007

It is unwise.... wake up late and still wanna go jogging.

Almost end up having heat stroke when I go jogging like.. 11am? The sun almost kill me. 4 rounds outter and I decide to stop. 2km is enough in the scorching sun. It is wiser to go to a gym if I happen to wake up late.

Into 2nd quarter of the year, and looking at my resolutions, only one is completed. Time to do something! I think, right now, I do need get enough sleep. I'm seriously not getting enough. And that probably explain why I'm lazing till noon on weekends.

I've got things in my mind. But I've no idea how to transform them into words. Oh well...

May all those having exams be strong. May God grant them all wisdom they need. All will be well. =)

*touch body, forehead.. the heat is still here.. all over!!*

Happy Spiritual birthday!

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