Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nothing special to update. Probably to share the dinner with colleagues at Crystal Jade Palace last week. The food was so-so, but the service was good. But then, it cost $580 for the 8 of us. We can't expect anything lower than good service.

2007 04 12 - Crystal Jade Palace

Now, the food....

And the people...


We will always remember the good times we had together.
For every event we did together, we did it with joy. Its such a blessing to be in the committee, to know each and everyone better. Love you all lots!!

Current life seems to be more about work. I had a great time during dinner. Great time chatting and laughing with my church friends.. To come home finding 2 additions in friendster of 2 unknown. It took me great effort to discover that they are my primary sch friends!! Memories flood. :) The works of technology.

May all my friends having exams be blessed with overwhelming wisdom bestowed by God. All will do well with His grace!!!

I still like me in long hair. Short hair er.. I dont like... Only thing I like is the lightness of the hair.

GSS! Come quick!

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