Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

Watched a cute show on May Day eve..
The animation is cute! Improved a lot from Finding Nemo. I love animated movies, although they might not really worth $9.50.

A shopping trip with a church friend made me eye on this:
Picture courtesy of coach.com
COACH TOTE! Priced at USD$298. But a freaking S$709 at local stores. Anyone going US???

I was already eyeing COACH stuff. But my friend made me craving worse. Alamak. Now, I dont think I want to get the wallet, but I want this tote!! The white one is so nice. (Brown one is nice too, just that it looks a little mature, but wonderfully classy!!) Pretty!!

But I think my friend's craving for this is even worse. She could almost buy this immediately. Oh man..

I love this May Day break. Feels kinda good in fact. Maybe thats how I should utilise my 12 days of leave brought forward from last year.

3 more days to slog and its the weekend again! I love how fast the week past by. I shall continue to slog hard, for my COACH tote! Hahaha.

May God continue to bless all incessantly. Life is good.

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