Thursday, May 10, 2007


Today just feels different from usual.

Went to work but the usual morning production meeting was canceled. Then HR pple walked by my office. Then, I knew it. Retrenchment. Morning production meeting is ALWAYS on. You dont see HR pple that early, walking past my office. And the last time I saw them walk past my office on odd hours was the previous retrenchment. This time, I guessed it right.

108. The number of people being retrenched. A figure which the feng shui master suggest. WTH! He obviously doesnt know how much misery he brought to those retrenched, especially the PRCs. They took loans from their agent to come SG to work. They have yet to pay up their hefty debts and now, they are asked to leave. This further aggravate their financial problem. Some retrenched cried on the spot. Some locals/Malaysians who werent retrenched even tried to volunteer to be retrenched. So as to save some of them from their financial burdens. All these were too heart wretching.

To make matters worse, I've got 2 technicians retrenched. One of them has a husband working in the same company. And both of them are retrenched. That makes a double blow for a couple, and their kids.

They say: This is just the beginning.

So, if you have any jobs to offer, give me a buzz! I'll probably need it very soon.

I pray that God will relieve all the 108 unfortunate ones. Some are actually very good and hardworking. Too bad that the normal rule of retrenchment applies - Last in, first out. Those who have not worked for v.long will be the first to be retrenched due to compensation issues. (That means I'll be the first out too, being the youngest in the dept)

May God restore their confidence and put them to where they should belong.


p/s: An SMS from Chan all the way from U.S. made my day much better! I miss you!! Be back soon!


Anonymous said...


I dun think the fengshui master has such great power to tell HOMS to cut employees by 108. 108 is the no. decided by the board of directors. Only japs ans directors knows it. Local GM and managers had no ideas until 4 p.m. the day before. In actual fact, onli abt 70 plus was taken off the payrool after even more people resigned. Yet if u are active enuf, you shuld have heard rumours of a retrenchment on the 15th of May 07.

The truth is that the upper management decided on the wrong technology to be applied on PMR. To rectify the mistake, cost cutting measures have to come in. Blame the people rather than fengshui. :) ...Esp the japs cos even MR Loo has no say the the direction of the technology.

Retrenchment is decided based on the no. of employees vs the capacity. This is the only and primitive, yet I'm sad to say quite a gd method, that HOMS used.

Dun look for a job for the sole sake of leaving HOMS. Instead look out and grab the right chance. In the mean time, jus stay foot and apply the chinese saying of " ride o the buffalo and seize the chance to change ur ride when a horse comes by. The market out there is unlike the 2001 retrenchment. You will have a chance.

BTW, LIFO or FIFO dpds on market condition. When a co is doing badly and it does not foresee any improvement on biz for long term. than FIFO applies. When the co. forsee that whatever problems they are having now are of short term, then LIFO applies.

Retrenchment will come in either a minor followed by a major one or the opposite. It can also come in a major one or just a minor one if the upper management gets it rite. Cos the costs of retrenchments is a big burden to companies. So u hv a few mths to many years b4 u get worry again.....

jing xian said...

Wow! I've a knowledgeable colleague reading my blog here! The one I respect and enjoy listening to his conversations, for most of his conversations are often informative and intellectual. *winkz*

I was kinda impacted by the retrenchment this time compared to the previous (a few months bk). Probably, it hits my technicians this time, which makes things 'closer to heart'. And it now hurts further when pple I love and treasure start hovering over the idea of leaving. I guess I need to remind myself that pple come and go. And for the sake of their good.

For me, I'm just feeling a little lost whenever I ask myself where I'm heading to. I've been in HDD media since 2004 as Seagate attachment student, then to DSI for FYP research and now to HOMS. Yet, I dont know where I'm heading. But I'm definitely enjoying my work, my colleagues, the freedom in the environment.

Life still goes on... Hope tt HOMS will be able to recover from this down period soon!

Also, welcome!! ;p

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hoped HOMS will recover. But I have an advice. Maybe you can choose to listen or ignore. But I hoped u will go on from here to a co. with better structure. See how they work. Like Seagate and SDK.

U will learn the formal way to work. HOMS is a very chaotic place. Well it's gd for retirement and for those who have a good background but no luck in promotions.

When u are learned and u choose to come back to HOMS....all the better but juz dun expect to do much. Many guys from repectable co. with good structures were not able to make it in HOMS due to it's chaotic nature.

tornado said...

Wah, all your short forms i dun quite understand. But anyway, yup, I believe God will reallocate the retrenched ppl to a better environment.
Just like one of my driver in the company, he likes to panick and worries alot even though he worked for more than 5 years. After an accident per year basis and when this year met an accident, he resigned. Now he in another company also doing delivery, but I think it's simpler for him there coz working in our company as driver is not easy.
Thus, i believe God will even empower them with better skills and opportunities out there. When one door is closed, another door opens! just that you willing to take the step of faith to step into it! =)