Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nothing particularly exciting happening these days. But good in the sense that nothing bad happens. No news is good news. Probably the most exciting things that happened is meeting up my dearie hall 6 pals on Thurs and having a BBQ at Cat's place on Fri.

The meetup was fun! The stuff we laughed over, the rubbish we talked, the food we had (Thanks Gab for the treat at Jack's place), the incessant crap we never fail to utter. I love such meetups. Meeting up with pple you're absolutely comfortable with, whom you can chat abt anything under the sky even when we haven't really been meeting up. This grp of pple are those I'm totally comfortable with. Erm, ok, for the fact tt we were once hall mates who pack our dinner frm canteen and adjourn to my room for TV all the way till late. Yes, everyday without fail, thats our routine. Oh ya, how could I not include the craze of playing bridge? During non-exam period, we could play bridge till like 4am? Cum'on, bridge is a healthy, brain stimulating card game. Both social and international contract bridge are fun! That was life when we were young. I really miss those times!!

BBQ was not too bad too! Although they are a grp of people I've yet to 'warm up' with (ok, I've already started to 'warm up' with some), they're still a very enjoyable bunch of pple. A great thanks to the organising pple, esp Cat!! Really thank God the weather is really nice!! ;p And Cass and Sulih looks great in their newly rebonded hair! ;p

I was reading a blog of my h6 friend, Shuang, and I realise how much I drifted from Chinese language. She posted a v.beautifully written piece of Chinese poetry she wrote some time back. I was thinking of my past capability in Chinese literature writing. To be a writer was once my ambition. I could write Chinese essays and score easily. Sometimes, I could even obtain a perfect score for Chinese essay. I dont make effort to study the subject and easily score A effortlessly. Not that I'm smart, but Chinese, to me, is a language of sadness. It can better describe pain, emotions, love, sorrows, sadness, bewilderment, anguish much more than English. (which probably explains why sappy Chinese love songs are always so popular) As long as you can grasp the trick of writing in style to catch one's heart, drown your mind into state of sorrows as you write, scoring is totally not an issue. My forte is writing really sad stories. My other forte is in argumentative essays. But that was the past. I've lost touch of Chinese since ntu. Maybe it is time to pick it up. Who knows, I might decide to switch career one of these days.

Talking about career, I guess everyone knows i kinda love my job. But hmm, maybe I shld put it as, I love my colleagues, how we work together, how good my boss is. My colleagues are still as loved, we still work with togetherness, my boss is still great. But the company policies and the pending cut-cost rumours are getting on my nerves. My company doesnt pay that well compared to the competitors. In fact, we are like $500 fall short of competitors. But we were compensated with an allowance of abt $300 (It was $400, but remember the cut cost thing). So somehow, we are still the lowest in the industry. And since, our basic is low, it just means our bonus is affected since bonus is based on basic pay. With the declining sales, the morale plunge low. A couple of engineers of other dept has resigned. (3 resigned last week) And yet, rumours have been going on that OT cap will be reduced. That means less pay for many of us. And that will impact many. For most of us survive on OT, a reduction in OT will see an even low morale company, more pple to resign and the morale will just plunge straight downwards. I'm at low morale already. I wonder how long I can survive. Pray for the best.

Gab was telling me,"你的钱是用你的命换来的”。(Your money comes from an exchange of your life) I guess you've to look at me on weekdays. I usually look totally zombie-fied on weekdays. And when I meet her on weekdays, my eyebags, eye rings, tired face (without makeup, my job cannot allow makeup), tired speech, reveals all my tired-ness. Oh well, thats the result of working OT, going home late. 3 days a week of OT is enough to make you tired. How I wish I had a higher paid job. Or at least, a job which doesnt need me to work OT to earn the money. I'm so tired. Maybe I really need a break.

Wow, I think this post turn out to be a grumbling one. Probably, I hasnt been letting go the grumblings I had.

On a lighter note, it is a stay-home Sunday. I wanted to go Sim Lim to get a portable HDD. But no reply from my khaki - Gab. I think she's just dead asleep. So I sleep my afternoon away too..

My resolutions are not moving! Grrr... It is already May... *slaps forehead*

Thats all for now.. My 3-hr nap doesnt seem enough...

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