Monday, October 22, 2007

I thank God

Another week just whisk past...

Mon - Dinner with Gab + red/black phone caught my sight
Tue - Cell
Wed - Dinner with colleague CL
Thurs - Dinner with KH
Fri - Dinner + Shopping with Gab
Sat - Buy mobile phone and service @TCC
Sun - Great Eastern 5km!

woohoo!! So I didnt work OT this week! But let me see, I got 3 things I wish to thank God for:-

1) The mobile phone that I was eyeing was OOS islandwide. And I love it so much! I've got a strong fetish for red/black phones. I'm very sure this one will follow me for years!! Its is OOS everywhere. Many people were looking for it, and many pple in forums claim that it is OOS everywhere! But I really thank God, that I managed to get the last set on Fri! But I had to meet Gab for dinner/shopping so I reserved it and went back to collect on Sat morning!! I'm a happy girl. For those who are interested, I got k810i in pulse red colour. I know it isnt the 'in' phone in town. But I so love it. And I have to trade in my slightly faulty w810i when it still has a trade-in value of S$150. I only top up an extra of S$100 for my new phone! It seems like a w810i trade for k810i. Haha! I love love love my new phone! I thank God for giving me this! :)

2) A friend whom I got to know better on our way to TCC! Somehow, I feel that God is moving things between us. We seems to hit off pretty fast and easy! I'm amazed at how easy we can communicate and enjoy the conversation we had. God's at work! I'm glad she feels welcomed and hope she'll be comfortable and grow together in walk with God! *claps* Thank you, Lord.

3) An impromptu decision - Great Eastern Run - 5km. As requested by LH, my bestest buddy, to do one of my favourite activity. How could I reject? Although it was a really last minute decision (like past Sat midnight), I really enjoyed the run. We completed it in abt 35 mins. Had bananas, drinks and ice creams after the jog. Shiok! And I bet it refreshes!! LH, we should do this frequent too! We shall aim the 10km Stan Chart Run NEXT YEAR. Thank God for the great event. I love it!

One thing I wanna thank God. I had a great GL!! I didnt register for the Grat Eastern Run. And when I went, I was shocked to see everyone's having a number tag. And random thoughts came across my mind, Aiwah (my GL's wifey) registered but couldnt make it. I immediately called my GL to ask for the tag number w/o realising it is early Sunday morning at 8am. I only realised when he hung up my call (which was by accident, he pressed the wrong button) that it was way to early to call someone on a Sun morning. He called back, in a sleepish tone. And at the moment, I totally regret dialing him number w/o further considering thoughts. I kept telling him, 'its ok!' and intending to put down the call. But evetually, after being questioned, I told him abt it. I'm really felt relieved that he showed no sense of anger or irritation. He was with his usual nice, cool tempered tone. And he even read me the tag number! I'm really thankful for that. Really. And I'm so sorry for waking my GL up so early!!

Thank you Alvin, my GL, my boss, my friend. I love you!! (Brotherly love I mean) I shall be good.. I will
1) Listen to you and be a good subordinate (at least for next 1 mth --> exclusion clause.. haha!)
2) Save my money
3) Work harder
4) Be the maid for the department for nxt 1 mth (will expire on my bday)

I think I still love my colleagues. They never fail to tickle me. :)

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Anonymous said...

thank you :p
god reali work wonders!
yep we'll grow together! :p