Sunday, April 06, 2008

Letting out some rants!

Thinking back, I'm amazed how God trapped me in such an industry for over 4 freaking years. Every time, I tell myself not to get there AGAIN, I'm always there.

Back in 2004, I had attachment at Seagate from Jan-Jun. I was in sputter team, with projects mainly on yield improvement and extending carbon shield life. I do think I had given good opportunity compared to two others who mainly do carbon target measurements. My supervisor and manager gave me opportunity in doing product qualifications too. I think I did well. I even monitor yield and sputter parameters every hour. For a young attachment student, I think I'm quite impressive. But my interest wasnt really lying in recording media.

Right after attachment, I started my FYP project. Guess what, my FYP is on Copper (Cu) Overcoat for Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR). In addition, my project is at DSI (Data Storage Institute). I'm once again, stuck in the industry for another 1 year. I learnt a lot - AFM, VSM, MFM, XRD, etc etc.. But its not considered fun for me.

When I graduated, I told myself not to land myself there. I got myself into a small local firm doing machines for aerospace industry. It is fun and learning curve is steep. But the pay is very undesirable. I resigned in search of better opportunities.

Dec 2005, I came across advert of my current company. And having a friend working there as well, i tried, interviewed, got it. In fact, I didnt send any resume during the entire interviewing process and I was jobless for a mth. It was all fated. I'm back into the industry AGAIN.

2 1/2 years down the road, I'm still here. Dating back from 2004, I've been in the same industry for so long, doing something I know it is not of my interest.

Rahhh!! God, bring me out of Egypt!! hahaha!
(Historical background:- God's people was at slavery situation when in Egypt. And through many miracles performed by God, they were being led out of slavery by Moses. Refer to the movie 'The prince of Egypt' for more info)

I knew I wanted more in life. I knew engineering might not be a place I love to be in. But the wonderful boss and colleagues are too lovely to make me leave.

So much about the industry. Let me rant abt things I dont like about my company.

Quarterly presentation. Seriously, the routine stuff you doing isnt much appreciated. The experiments you can do is restricted since no downtime is allowed. Machine modification require downtime too. So everyone hates quarterly. Cause have to wu2 zhong1 shen1 you3. Everyone grumbles, but still squeeze something out of nothing. We need our engineering allowance.

Courses and bond. I was talking to my friend who is at UK. She was there for training for 1.5 yrs. When she's back, she'll be bond for 2 yrs. Another lady whose company will pay for all courses (masters included) and no bond to be on her as long as she takes it after working hours. Brr.. Ours? A 3k CQE course at outside office hours yields a 1 yr bond. Duh..

Organization. Well, its not affecting me now. But affecting my friend wef nxt week.

Pay. I think we are turning into monkeys soon. Pay can somewhat affect interest. But it wasn't at a balance now.

Seagate is recruiting. And the pay is good. Lube dept environment is quite alright. Yes, was tempted for 2 seconds. But I ask God to bring me out of Egypt, not into Cairo.

Oh well oh well... OK! Enough of complains. Tmrw goes back to office to prepare quarterly presentation AGAIN.

God, bring me out of Egypt! Bring me to Paris! Hahahahahahaha!!


Anonymous said...

You should go for the Seagate if you want to. Friends as those in your dept can still be yours when you leave the company. Seagate is a place to where you can have structured learning cos they believe in education which may not be impt to you now. But in the long run it will benefit you. Well, a portion of EDB grants to foreign companies is dedicated for employees' education. That's all I can say.

jing xian said...

I have to agree that training is really essential and can be a motivating factor to work. But as of current situation, we are even facing 'limited slots' for further training even for technicians level. With the need of skills upgrading, yet with the burden of earning more OT, the imbalance seems to cause many to just work for money in an non progressive mode.

I'm looking not only in pay and training, though pay and training matters a lot to me in fact. I'm looking for a place where the love and passion for the job can bring me through even tougher pastures.

Thanks for visiting and enlightening comment! Welcome! :-)

tornado said...

well, probably you can reflect on what things you feel you have passion in. After that, are you good or able to nurture in that passion.

If yes and want to take the plunge, ask God for the reassurance and go for it. You do not want look back in life and regret on certain decisions that you did not do. If you see no future job advancements in your current company, then start taking the step of faith out of Egypt. =)