Sunday, August 10, 2008

NDP 2008

Attended a rather special NDP this year, of the many I attended.

1) VVIP tickets, thanks to Yulli. (and of course her bf)
2) Wore formal attire to NDP (due to the VVIP seats)
3) RAIN! (It is the first time I attended a raining NDP) 
4) The air show is really overwhelmingly nice!

The special tickets. 

My favourite segment! The parade! It simply reminds me of the days I was there, in the 80 min long parade, standing with neatly ironed uniform. That was a good 11 years ago, at National Stadium, on a year when they decided to move the 21 cannon INTO National Stadium, which suffocated us every saturday. The days when you will refrain from eating KFC during normal days because you'll have soggy ones during all the trainings. 

The National Anthem. The one we used to sing daily when we were young. 

The show by RSAF. 

Some pics of the performances! 


The attendees. :) 

Though publicity for NDP this year wasn't done extensively, I felt good that it was so. Afterall, we couldn't bear to do all the publicity that extensive when our neighbours were in the midst of recovering from natural disaster and political upheaval. We celebrate country's birthday every year, but we dont face mega natural disaster every year. Well, still, Happy Birthday Singapore!

I'm proud that the Chinese made the Olympics Opening Ceremony so eye-opening. :)

But.. [ † Jing Xian 静娴] (x) is sad tt China lost bball to USA. 70-101. Size still matters! RAH!!


Ryoko said...

Wow, you manage to get vvip seating.. That's so good.

jing xian said...

Hee! Yippy! You are?