Friday, August 01, 2008

New Balance 893 and Speed Tank

In view of my adidas which gave me many MEGA blisters, I've got myself a pretty and comfy running shoes. NB893! Well, a shoe good enough for my current distance. As long as it can go a good 10km and maybe up to a 1/2 marathon, I'm very satisfied. This is already my most expensive pair of running shoe so far. 

My lovely NB893! @ S$155

A decent enough shoes, comfy and roomy for my broad feet. And its only 238g in weight. Lovely pretty thing! Link My 3rd NB shoe, getting prettier each pair. :)

As Amex is entitled 15% off, I even made the effort to transfer it (My size was OOS) from Raffles city branch to Novena branch as it is much more convenient for the Amex card holder (Chan) to help me get at 15% off. 

And I can't resist this running top! In my favourite colour, in the lightest material @ 100g/m3, this is love at first sight. 

And I replace my Nike+iPod sensor! 

And that'll be all. No more fascinating buy anymore this month. I've not clocking enough OTs to compensate my buys. I better concentrate on how to improve my timing. Hur hur.... 

There are some other things I wish to write about. Just not in the mood today. *still excited over my new purchases, wondering when can my shoe make its debut* 

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