Sunday, August 31, 2008

Singapore Bay Run 2008

Last Sunday, 2008 08 24, was a muddy and very crowded Sunday. 

It is the start of the 'running' series. And a great start! My colleagues (not only the usual ones) took part too! 

And these are the regular ones. :) (And we are going to Nike+ Human Race in 3 hrs' time!)

I didn't manage to surpass my Shape Run's record. In fact, I was even 10 minutes slower than previous record. As I was on duromine medication, it is not worth risking with the many reports of cardiac arrest. But worry not! I've decided to stop. Since the consumption of duromine on and off since 6 years back, my health has been deteriorating at alarming rate. Oh well... *sigh*

I'm so so sleepy now. I wonder how can I run later at 430pm. Maybe I'll just doze off halfway. 

The race pack is one of the better ones I've got so far. There are a lot of stuff. I only took out the main ones. The female running top is VERY nice. For once, this running top is one you will wear out. Its a pretty curve female top. I registered for M, but they gave me S instead. Rah! Luckily it fits just nice. 

Here we go!! The Aussie's average run is 58"54'. I know I will pull down Singapore's average. :s Ops!

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